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Soon an unconditional basic income in Lausanne?

The Lausanne Municipal Council had before it, a new proposal of experimentation of unconditional basic income (UBI).

Palais de Rumine in Lausanne

Laurent Rebeaud, municipal councilor of the City of Lausanne, filed October 6, 2015 for a postulate requesting the Municipality to launch a study on the desirability and feasibility of a pilot RBI locally, similar to those launched in thirty Dutch cities, including Utrecht.

This is not to introduce a real RBI, only achievable at the national level. The project's main objective is to study the effects of unconditional from receiving social assistance and to observe whether this encourages unconditional or not to take initiative, seek work and make themselves useful to society.

The postulate will be submitted for preliminary examination of a committee, which will propose to the City Council to reject it or return it to the Municipality. This can take between 4 and 12 months. If the premise is returned to the municipality, it must reply in the form of a report on the feasibility and desirability, and in the best case, an implementation project. Since the problem is complex and involves the participation of external partners (including the University), the project would require a year or more to be implemented.

BIEN-Switzerland states that according to its definition of basic income:

The share of social benefits that are paid in excess of the amount of unconditional basic income must be maintained, for example certain additional benefits.

Text postulate attachment below.

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