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Historic vote: last preparations

Flags and stickers are available in our shop

Flags and stickers are available in our shop

Historic vote: last preparations

          When two forces join, their strength doubles

Isaac Newton

Dear friend,

June 5, the day of the 1st UBI vote, is approaching, the voting envelopes are already coming in and the campaign is reaching its peak. Let's get together with friends to fill out and mail in the ballots together and celebrate this unique opportunity to become the world's leaders in social progress!


Happy reading!

The world's biggest question in Geneva on May 14th

Plainpalais google map

“ What would you work, if your income were take care of? ”. That's the world's biggest question written on the world's biggest poster, exposed at the plainpalais in Geneva, the biggest public square in a Swiss city and the next big thing by the basic income militants.

Financed through crowdfunding and built in the canton of Glaris, this gigantic poster will be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records: 110m by 80m, 8000m^2 - the size of a soccer field, for a weight of 7.5 tons. The question on basic income will therefore take the same dimension as the poster itself: the world's biggest, in a tangible way.

Participate at this exceptional event and/or help us make it a reality with your donation:

Ja-Si-Oui, participate in the basic income campaign with Constance!

ja-si-oui.ch the campaign site

1+1+1...= everybody! Do you want to actively participate in the campaign for the last preparations? To collaborate by sharing the information with your friends, on social networks or on the streets on one of our stands? To help with your talent in things like graphics, videos, webmaster, writing and translation? To make a donation exclusively to the campaign? Then register now on our campaign site: ja-si-oui. Constance, our sympathetic operator will rapidly contact you and offer you the collaboration of your dreams!
The campaign is only a click away:

RTS TV: the "infrarouge" debate on basic income

www.rts.ch (FR)" >www.rts.ch (FR)" alt="Infrarouge" />

Lisa Mazzone, MP for the Greens Geneva); Sergio Rossi: professor of macroeconomics UniF (University of Fribourg) R; Ralph Kundig, president of BIEN-CH and coordinator for the basic income initiative in the Romandie, defended the initiative. On the other side: Ivan Slatkine, president of the Federation of Enterprises of the Romandie and ex Radical-Liberal (PLR) deputee; Raymond Clottu, MP for the Swiss People's Party Neuchatel and last but not least Stéphane Garelli, IMD and University of Lausanne professor. We're proud of our basic income activitsts which excelled in defending the advantages of a basic income and the"yes" to the federal initiative despite not so constructive arguments of the conservative Right...

A basic income pilot in Lausanne!

Panorama of Lausanne

The Communal Council of Lausanne accepted this postulate of our friend, activist and member of the Council, Laurent Rebeaud Greens Vaud. The Municipality will have to consider implementing a basic income pilot project, that will allow to test this idea. Léonore Porchet brilliantly defended this postulate in front of the Communal Council and made her voice heard. The experiment is excpected to be conducted on a sample of people which already receive State assistance. Similar experiments are expected in other countries like the Netherlands and Finland.

Our online shop is available to you if you'd like getting yourself leaflets, stickers or flags (like the 10 CHF bill). Thank you in advance for sharing the site http://basicincome-initiative.ch and for clicking according to your ability on one of the buttons down here:

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